Friendly Skepticism

If you’ve never heard of the podcast Skeptoid, you’re really missing out. Imagine Penn & Teller: Bullshit! minus profanity (and with some regret, nudity), about 10 minutes long, and produced weekly without breaks. Brian Dunning does a masterful job bringing everyday skepticism to your ears.

His most recent podcast is titled How to Be a Skeptic and Still Have Friends, a bit of a divergence from the usual debunkery, but very well worth listening to. My closest friends are almost all skeptics, though some might not use the word or aren’t familiar with the movement. However regarding day-to-day interaction with other people I found this podcast to be very insightful.

Focus on where you agree, never on where you disagree. Start by finding common ground. No matter who you’re talking to, they have some level of skepticism about something. Ask them, “Isn’t there some myth you’ve heard that you don’t necessarily believe?”

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